#Halal Sex T.A.L.K.S. SELF-PACED Online Course

#Halal Sex T.A.L.K.S. SELF-PACED Online Course

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Through Quran and Sunnah, parents, teachers, and community leaders will learn how to openly and honestly discuss sexuality with their Muslim children and teens while keeping them connected to God. 

By the end of the 6 week online course, you will be able to

  • Use the T.A.L.K.S. BLUEPRINT & step-by-step guide to communicate sexuality topics in a manner that fosters positive attitudes and beliefs consistent with Quran & Sunnah ( I used this blueprint to empower over 100s of Muslim youth to change their undesirable sexual behaviors and fortify their Islamic identities)
  • Apply age appropriate content to set the foundation during each age group (ages 3 - 21) and continue to build
  • Equip your children/teens with critical thinking and decision making skills by taking advantage of teachable moments and applying learned skills in realistic scenarios (even if you don’t feel “prepared enough”)
  • Learn how to instill the love of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him) into your discussions

This 6 week online course will be completely self-paced. All 6 weeks have been pre-recorded and are 60-90 minutes at length. Participants will also be given weekly “action points” to practice applying the weekly lesson with their children & teens.

This course is ongoing; You can join at any time. Participants will have the option of attending monthly online LIVE Q&A sessions with Dr. Shaakira Abdullah to ask any additional questions at the beginning, middle, and end of the course. 

Dr. Shaakira Abdullah will be accessible to you throughout this self-paced course to guide you on your journey to having open & honest conversations with your children & teens about sexuality In Shaa Allah!

Dr. Shaakira Abdullah, also known as the Halal Sexpert, is a Sexologist with a Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education and a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. She is passionate about providing sexuality education to the Muslim community from an Islamic Perspective. Dr. Shaakira       Abdullah currently works as a Full-Time Nursing Professor at Widener University and will earn a PhD in Human Sexuality in 2023.